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A management and HR consultancy with regional offices in Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates and works regionally on HR solutions and social development projects. Strategy directives sets out to provide state of the art solutions and certifications to the workforce, students as well as jobseekers to be successful cohesive, and efficient for the institution/company to achieve the milestones set forth.  

Our Mission

SD is stepping away from the traditional training practices of training centers. We currently offer accreditations not available in the GCC or Arab countries and working on initiatives that develop growth in the region to reach the heights of self-sustainability.  


  • HR Solutions

  1. full psychometric assessment
  2. 360 assessment for managemen
  3. HR consulting services i.e. job role and job description workshops, transformation, and change management.

  • Online proctoring solutions
  • Cyber safety for students
  • Cyber Security Courses


  • Assisted in the implementation of national initiatives to enhance ICT skills within the government sectors
  • Delivered ICT programs to Ministries of education
  • Consulted academic institutions on the implementation of cyber safety programs for students
  • Added professional development programs within continuing education centers in public and private universities
  • Worked closely with non for profit organizations to deliver ICT programs to students
  • Raised funds to provide professional development programs to underprivileged communities


  • Accredited delivery partners (MENA)
  • Government and private universities (MENA)
  • Health Authorities (MENA)
  • International awarding bodies (US, UK)
  • International qualifications frameworks (US, UK)
  • Ministries of education (MENA)
  • Ministries of defense (MENA)
  • Ministries of health (MENA)
  • Ministries of interior (MENA)
  • Multinational organisations (MENA)
  • National bodies (MENA)
  • National and private banks (MENA)
  • Private schools (MENA)
  • School groups (MENA)
  • Social development groups 
  • Teacher societies (MENA)
  • Testing and examination centers
  • Vocational Institutions

Our Team

Our team has over 40 years of experience which includes 20 years in HR and training consultancy. Managed several regional and international social and professional development projects with Ministries of education, interior, finance, and egovernments.

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